EXCLUSIVE: Guy Who Started Snooki Bar Fight Says He Regrets Getting Her Upset

The guy who started the Snooki food fight that made national headlines told RadarOnline.com, “I regret getting her upset.”

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Snooki and her Jersey Shore cast mate J-WOWW were shooting a scene for Season Two of The MTV hit at the Ocean’s 10 Bar in Miami Beach, when Jay Horton and his buddy Nick “wanted to do something crazy on TV.”

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Jay told RadarOnline.com: “I talked to Snooki for a little while. She said I had nice eyes. I asked her for her drink, she said ‘No’. So I took it and ran!”

Snooki, who now has to pay for her own drinks, was upset.

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Nick told RadarOnline.com: “We thought it would be funny to take their drinks but I didn’t want to be an a**hole so afterward I called the waitress over and bought J-WOWW and Snooki another round.”
Jay says her strawberry-banana drink “was weak—I was disappointed.” But he drank it anyway.

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“Then my buddy Jay took their drinks again,” Nick says, “and I had no idea that he was going to do that.”
That’s where the exclusive video obtained by RadarOnline.com picks up the story.


“It made Snooki really mad,” Nick says, “she stood up and threw water on me.

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“I didn’t do anything to deserve it and I had no interest in getting in a fight with them, I was just having a good time.”

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“After Snooki poured water in my face it made me mad and I went to get a drink to pour in her face and the security guy said, ‘Don’t do it!.’

Nick then got upset himself and said I went back to her and said, “I was going to throw a drink in your face but I have far too much class.”

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This statement hit a nerve with Snooki… And she went crazy and started swinging and she hit me.”

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“After that I decided I was not going to let her disrespect me, I would never have punched her or anything like that so I threw a drink in her face.”

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Snooki and JWOWW retaliated by “putting ketchup and mustard in my flip flops,” says Jay. “I grabbed them and said that it was extremely immature.”

Even though Jay says “I regret getting her that upset,” he says “I can’t wait to see it on TV!”

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Jersey Shore returns to MTV in July.

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