EXCLUSIVE: Gretchen Rossi A No-Show In Court, Warrant Issued

Gretchen Rossi failed to show up for a court appearance Thursday and a judge issued a bench warrant, RadarOnline.com is reporting.

But before Bravo starts rolling video of their Real Housewife in handcuffs, relax. The judge held the bench warrant for a week, meaning the Orange County hottie will remain free.

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Rossi was supposed to be in court for a debtor examination related to money she owes her ex, Jay Photoglou, stemming from a lawsuit she filed against him that was thrown out.

Gretchen versus Jay has been a long running and bitter battle with Gretchen hurling some pretty ugly charges at Jay and even denying they dated.

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But a judge awarded Jay $18,900 and he wants to collect.

“A lawyer from the firm Gretchen hired showed up in court and asked for a continuance because Gretchen’s lawyer was unavailable,” Jay’s lawyer, Orlando Castano Jr. told RadarOnline.com. “Gretchen didn’t show up and the judge then issued a bench warrant for her arrest, holding it to give them the opportunity for her to come to court. She must show up next Thursday at 8:30 a.m.”

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Castano says with interest and costs associated trying to collect, Rossi’s debt now exceeds $21,000.

And Jay told RadarOnline.com that Gretchen “got lucky” the judge held the warrant.

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