EXCLUSIVE: Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford Reaches A Divorce Settlement And Drops Restraining Order

Gossip Girl‘s Kelly Rutherford has reached a divorce settlement with her estranged husband ending a bitter custody battle, and RadarOnline.com has the latest drama from the courtroom.

Kelly Rutherford & Husband Lectured In Divorce Court

On Wednesday afternoon, the 41-year-old beauty was granted a request to take her two children to New York with her. A relieved Rutherford told RadarOnline.com “We will be staying in Los Angeles until June, when I go to New York City to film Gossip Girl and the children will be going with me.”

However, Judge Teresa Beaudet ruled Rutherford and her estranged husband 35-year-old Daniel Giersch must attend co-parenting classes weekly.

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After Rutherford’s lawyer said her 3-year-old son was having emotional issues at his private pre-school, Hermes was ordered to meet with a pediatric therapist within the next two weeks. And, Hermes must attend pre-school in Los Angeles, unless the therapist thinks it would be better for him to be at home with his parents.

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At the end of the proceedings, Financier Daniel Giersch told RadarOnline.com “Today was a great day for two young children. I got an improved faster step up plan with my daughter. The custody with my son stays in place. Los Angeles is the home of the children.”

The couple has been feuding for months, but on Wednesday Rutherford dropped a restraining order against Giersch, who said his estranged wife “admitted that obviously all accusations were fabricated. She has done so by dropping the whole case just a minute before she was ordered to show proof.”

Both Rutherford and Giersch waived their respective rights for spousal support. Child support and property issues were also resolved.

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After the extremely efficient day in court, Judge Beaudet set a trial date for custody issues only for June 2nd, 2011.

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