Cocaine? Samantha Ronson Slams Lindsay Lohan As Friends Beg Actress To Hit Rehab

Like many of Lindsay Lohan‘s circle, Samantha Ronson is fed up with the actress’ increasingly hard-partying ways. The DJ took to her Twitter page in the early Thursday morning hours to vent about the night out she shared with her ex. has also learned that Lindsay’s pals want her to take more aggressive action to overhaul her life.

“‘I’m not here. This isn’t happening.’ If I sing that to myself enough times will it be true?” she wrote before following up in the next two hours with even more telling tweets. The two both attended Timbaland‘s birthday bash at Drai’s in Hollywood.

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“One more thing- if you’re gonna be an idiot an do coke- do it outside the bathroom- some of us actually use them to pee in,” Ronson added.

Lohan quickly responded with her take on the evening:

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“I’m pretty sure that @samantharonson just threw a fit @33years old and my friend tal @draishollywood illegally open NOW at this hour, Asked me, after being here jus for Timbalands birthday-to leave even though she stayed over just 2nights ago-tired of @samantharonson.”

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Ronson retorted: “Jack and crack will make for some crazy tweets.”

People close to the actress have told that they have been advising her to go back to rehab. While others who know Lindsay have both publicly and privately asked her to seek help, the fact that friends who previously were mum on the subject are now singing the same tune is telling about how serious the situation has become.

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