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VIDEO: Jesse James Under Siege By Media

Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James was met by a barrage of flashlights, lenses and unwanted questions about his many alleged affairs when he dropped his daughter, Sunny, off at school on Thursday morning.

Sandra and Jesse over the years

Sandra Bullock’s Early Years in Hollywood

In video obtained by RadarOnline.com the chop shop owner can be seen to get visibly, and verbally, angry as he is asked questions about his affairs and about if he has seen Sandra.

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Jesse angrily demands the paparazzi “get off of school property” and at one point menacingly advances towards one cameraman.

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James wasn’t so verbal when it came to answering the many questions aimed at him though – keeping decidedly mum on the subject of his alleged infidelities and of his hoodwinked Oscar winning wife.

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As RadarOnline.com previously reported, a third mistress, Brigitte Daguerre, has now come forward alleging an affair with James, she joins mistress number 1, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and number 2, Melissa Smith.

Sandra And Her Past Loves

Looks like the way Jesse’s going the siege won’t be ending anytime soon.