Report: Mindy McCready Sex Tape Includes Juicy Roger Clemens Details

Roger Clemens‘ one-time mistress, country singer Mindy McCready, talks about the power pitcher’s sexual prowess in her upcoming sex tape, Baseball Mistress, has learned.

Fox’s PopTarts reports that the tape features McCready and a former boyfriend named “Peter” engaging in explicit sex acts, but that in the video, McCready also kisses and tells about other partners, saying that Clemens was a “good” lover, although he often struggled to get an erection. She said that another celebrity she slept with, Superman actor Dean Cain, was better endowed than Clemens.

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McCready also says in the video, she wishes her and Clemens’ wife Debbie “had spoken, because I realize now that the stories I was being told from Roger weren’t exactly the truth,” according to PopTarts.

Baseball Mistress, according to PopTarts, goes on sale on April 19.

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