PHOTOS: Last Dance? Kate And Bodyguard Head Back To Los Angeles

She’s not wearing her dancing shoes, but Kate Gosselin is heading back to Los Angeles for what she hopes is not her last dance.

PHOTOS: Kate And Bodyguard Get Ready For LA Trip

The reality TV star packed her bags Saturday and loaded the car with help from her long-time bodyguard Steve Neild.

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After her debut on Dancing With The Stars last week, Kate told that dancing was harder than having sextuplets.

Kate wowed the audience with her new glam look but the judges were less impressed with her dancing and gave her low scores. Still, as you can see by these new photos, Kate is retaining the glam look off camera as well! Now she hopes to avoid elimination on the ABC hit show, which debute to 23.9 million viewers, the biggest opening night number in its 10 seasons.

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While Neil helped her with the suitcase, his wife remained at Kate’s Wernersville, PA home to help take care of the kids.

Kate has previously said the Neilds were her biggest support system as she went through her separation from Jon Gosselin.

Kate had a dance floor put in her Pennsylvania home so she could spend less time in Los Angeles and more with her children. She is reportedly earning $200,000 for her appearance on the ABC hit show.

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When some people criticized Kate for leaving home to be on TV she pointed out that with eight children to feed she’d be working double shifts as a nurse and have virtually no time to spend with her children. And Kelly Osbourne, who was on Dancing With The Stars last season, rushed to Kate’s defense saying: “People really need to give her a break. She has eight kids to feed, remember that.”

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Kate, whose partner on the show is Tony Dovolani, practiced a few dance moves Saturday before heading to the airport. She and Dovolani danced a Viennese waltz last Monday to Billy Joel’s She’s Always a Woman to Me. They received a score of 16.

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