PeeWee PC: Protecting Your Kids From The Underbelly Of The Net

Want to kid-friendly your computer? There’s always the PeeWee Kit, a USB software bundle that turns any computer into an age-appropriate machine for children

There’s An App For That: Witty Kitty

Customized for low-cost Netbook computers, the PeeWee Kit automatically uploads age-appropriate entertainment and educational software, games, and a security suite into your child’s computer in the simple time it takes to plug in a USB.

Invite The Visitors Into Your IPhone

The PeeWee Kit accommodates three levels of students: Pre-K, Early Elementary, and Upper Elementary. It comes with a USB drive; Security Suite: “PeeWee Patrol” and “PeeWee Privacy” for online and offline safety; and seven fun games and educational software titles for the ultimate kid computer.

Available immediately, the PeeWee Kit costs only $29.99 with free shipping included; for more info, check out

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