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Octo-Mom Allows PETA To Post A Sign On Her Front Lawn

There is yet another bizarre twist in the tale of the Octo-Mom and the man who wants to evict her and her 14 children from her Southern California home.

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RadarOnline.com has learned that PETA, the People For Ethical Treatment Of Animals, “has offered to help Nadya (Suleman) with a small payment in exchange for allowing PETA to place a sign on Nadya’s front lawn,” attorney Jeff Czech confirmed.

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The sign urges owners to neuter their pets. It says “Don’t let your dog or cat become an “octomom” Always Spay or Neuter.” Czech says “Nadya has accepted”

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The world’s most famous mother of octuplets is obviously trying to raise money to keep her La Habra home. The seller, Amer Haddadin had threatened to foreclose on the home on Tuesday, but Czech has confirmed “I am still in negotiations with counsel for Amer Haddadin in an effort to obtain more time to refinance the balloon note.”

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Nadya’s father, Ed Doud, bought the home for his daughter and is leasing it back to him. But the balloon payment on a $450,000 loan is now due.