New DVD Releases

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (PG-13) (To Be Released March 20)

America’s favorite chaste teens are back. After a little bloodshed at Bella’s birthday party sends the hungry Cullen family packing, the beautiful, mortal high-schooler finds solace in being reckless and ogling the newly jacked bod of her childhood pal, Jacob. Of course, she’s not fully out of danger, and suddenly she’s caught between two great loves and a whole lot of supernatural action. (Kristen Stewart [Bella Swan], Taylor Lautner [Jacob Black], Robert Pattinson [Edward Cullen])

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Broken Embraces (R)

Penélope Cruz stars as the ravishing woman at the center of a love triangle gone wrong. In this latest work, famed Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar brings his sense of the ridiculous and his favorite muse together in a melodramatic story of desire, loss, secrets and lies — plus a few leftover photos that pretty much give away the whole story. (Penélope Cruz [Lena], Lluís Homar [Harry Caine/Mateo Blanco])

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Ninja Assassin (R)

Let the bloodshed begin! Raizo is a deadly assassin who was indoctrinated from childhood in the ways of the ninja. Now, as a muscly, long-haired adult who likes to train alone with nothing but a bed of nails and a movie montage, he’s determined to get back at those who enslaved him, while on the run and kicking ass with a sexy female Europol agent. (Rain [Raizo], Naomie Harris [Mika Coretti])

DVD Releases

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