Madeleine McCann’s Parents Race To Keep Their Daughter’s Memory Alive

Madeleine McCann‘s parents ran in a 10 K in London Saturday aimed at continuing the search for their daughter.

PHOTOS:  Kate & Gerry McCann Run For Their Daughter

Madeleine was just three years-old when she was snatched in 2007 from a resort in Portugal where her family was vacationing.  Parents Kate and Gerry ran in the Hyde Park event to raise funds for the charity, Missing People.  As these photos obtained by show, they  both wore shirts with their daughter’s picture.

Madeleine McCann’s Parents Won’t Let Her Story Die

Losing her child is “the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent,” Kate told a London radio interviewer.  “The pain is just incredible and I cannot help but worry about her.”

The McCanns are said to be encouraged though by the Jaycee Dugard story.  She was discovered and brought home to her family 18 years after her kidnapping, giving the McCanns hope that Madeleine may come back to them one day too.

PHOTOS:  Jaycee Dugard’s Backyard Prison

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