Kate Gosselin Lets The Dogs Back In

Kate Gosselin has changed her tune about the fate of her family’s German Shepherds. The two dogs, banned from the Gosselin estate last year, are heading home.

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The mom of eight relented, saying she wouldn’t send her kids away if they were bad.  “If I had two difficult kids I wouldn’t send them away and ask for new kids,” she told People magazine. So she’s welcoming Shoka and Nala back later in the spring.  Kate will be so busy rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars, the dogs will be great company for all the little Gosselins.

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RadarOnline.com broke the news last September that the dogs were on a return trip to their breeder. Jon Gosselin blamed his Kate for the development.  He claimed they weren’t “wanted in their own home.”

Gosselin Dogs Are Sent Packing

It seems the kids lobbied to get their canine buddies back.  Hopefully for good this time.

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