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Jesse James Mistress Blasts Chelsea Handler

It looks like at least one of Jesse James’ mistresses can’t take a joke.

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, the stripper with “Pray for Sinners” tattooed on her forehead seems a little sensitive about being in the public spotlight.

New photos of Michelle Bombshell McGee

After Chelsea Handler joked about the heavily tattooed Mistress Number 1, McGee blasted her via Twitter.

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“Chelsea Lately made a comment about me, ‘I guess she doesn’t read magazines, which makes sense since she basically has one on her face.’” McGee wrote. (Sorry Bombshell but that is pretty funny).

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McGee, showing why she doesn’t host a comedy show, then wrote: “Chelsea, heres some free advice..use some of that botox from your forehead and put it in your flabby underarm skin..Ive seen better wings in a bucket of KFC chicken.”

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Alrighty. Now we know that mistresses also can be sensitive.

Later McGee looked like she was coveing her tracks saying she’s a “big fan” of Chelsea Lately and was laughing, but then added, “feel so honored to have a transexual poke fun of me.”

Sandra and Jesse over the years