Hookum: The Breakout Game Of The New Decade

Be it Rubik’s Cube, Connect Four, Jenga or the like, Americans have spent hours upon hours playing innovative games that test one’s strategic mind, along with hand-eye coordination. Now, gamers can add one more to the list: Hookum, the world’s first multi-player ring game of skill, inspired by a centuries-old game found throughout the Caribbean.

Rubik Cube:

The object is to drop a ring out of your hand just so that it swings outside, with a bit of an arc, and barely reaches the front of a hook (the trick is that the momentum dies right at the tip of the hook).

It’s that easy – once you get, you got and then you want more! Add a few friends and Hookum goes from being an addictive personal challenge to a fast-paced, pressure-packed group competition. Just leave Hookum out, and it will slowly take over a room.

For more info about the game, check out http://www.playhookum.com.

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