EXCLUSIVE: Woman Who Claims Affair With Bachelor Jake Hires Lawyer

Tanya Douglas, the ex-girlfriend claiming she The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka cheated with her after he proposed to Vienna Giardi. has hired an attorney, she told RadarOnline.com.

As the scandal around Douglas’ allegations grows hotter, there is rampant speculation that she will go public with her entire story.

And when RadarOnline.com contacted her about the public interest surrounding her charges – which she made anonymously so far – she said: “I have hired an attorney who is handling things.” 

RadarOnline.com revealed exclusively that, Douglas, 25, was the anonymous woman claiming that Jake told her he still loved her and pursued her, even after he was engaged to Vienna. She came forward for the first time on Thursday morning, giving her first interview to radio star Steve Kramer of “That Guy Kramer” on island 106 in Panama City, Florida. But her voice was disguised in the interview and no one knew her identity.


Douglas is a landscape architect who graduated from University of Florida with a degree in Landscape Architecture, RadarOnline.com has learned.

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A self-described “tom boy” who loves adventure and taking on new projects, Douglas writes “I am a third generation farmer’s daughter. I grew up playing inside a ‘cotton module-er’ while most girls my age grew up playing with Barbie and suffering through the terrible 80s haircuts their parents thought would look cute.”

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Douglas claims Jake contacted her after the taping of The Bachelor and told her that he still loved her. He also said, according to her, that all the women on the show, including Vienna, meant nothing to him. Jake denies her charges.

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Douglas also says that Jake was forced to propose to Vienna. “When you get down on one knee and propose marriage to someone I take that very seriously,” she said. “The fact that he did that exclusively because he was instructed to do that, it disappoints me so much.”

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