EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Neighbor Of Jesse James Mistress No. 3 Says Jesse Was Paying Mortgage And Got Violent

A longtime neighbor of Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James’ mistress number 3, Brigitte Daguerre, has seen Jesse James coming and going over the duration of their alleged affair. He also claimed in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com that Jesse was paying Daguerre’s mortgage and that he once got violent towards her.

Sandra Bullock’s Style Evolution

Daguerre’s neighbor, Rick, claims to have lived next door to the L.A.-based fetish model and photographer since she first moved into the neighborhood and says that he’s witnessed a lot during that time.

Sandra And Jesse Over The Years

Rick claims that Jesse came to visit around 3 times a week and that once, disturbingly, he saw the couple fighting on the street and that James grabbed hold of Daguerre’s collar and turned violent towards her.

Rick also says that James drove his Harley bike over to the house and that Daguerre drives a Harley herself, as well as a large SUV.

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Sandra Bullock’s Early Years in Hollywood

Shockingly, Rick also claims that he once heard Jesse and Brigitte arguing in the street and that James shouted about how he paid Brigitte’s mortgage so she had no grounds for arguing and that she could “(bleep) me”.

He goes on to claim that he once heard a fight between the couple where James called Daguerre a b—h.

Watch the exclusive video above or click here.


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