EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Mel Gibson – I’ll Watch The Oscars At Home Naked!

Director/actor Mel Gibson and his lady love, Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva, walked the red carpet Thursday night at a pre-Oscar bash, and exclusively told RadarOnline.com that he’s skipping Sunday’s Academy Awards and watching it at home- NAKED!

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We caught up with Mel, who was in an unusually playful mood, at The Hollywood Reporter’s first Nominee’s Night at Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s home in Los Angeles.

While everyone else is wondering what to wear, Mel told us he had other plans for Oscar night, “I’m not wearing anything,” he quipped.

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We were surprised to learn that Mel, a two-time Oscar winner, is not attending Sunday’s Academy Awards. “I plan on laying in front of my TV set probably wearing my birthday suit.”

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Oksana laughed when RadarOnline asked if that’s how they always watch TV. “No, that’s not true,” she said.

The couple left the party early, presumably to tend to their new baby girl, four-month-old Lucia Anna. “We have to pay the ransom,” Mel joked.

As for his upcoming projects, the Braveheart star said, “I’ve got a couple of treats in store…. wait and see.”

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