EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Married Orange County Real Housewife Makes Out With College Student

The show is called Real Housewives, but one of the ladies on the show wasn’t acting like a (faithful) wife when she was on a recent trip partying in Puerto Vallarta and boozily made out with a college student! Vicki Gunvalson, the oldest of the Orange County wives at 47, met a college student in a bar and definitely crossed some lines with him.

In an exclusive RadarOnline.com video interview, Mike Pullin talked about his night partying with friends at Andale, a bar in Puerto Vallarta when an apparently tipsy Vicki walked into the bar at 11:30 pm. As first reported by Star magazine, Mike said he and Vicki immediately clicked. “She was a pretty older lady. I like the cougars.”

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The two partied together with their friends and at one point Vicki gave Mike a big kiss on the lips! “She was a pretty good kisser,” he told RadarOnline.com.  “She’s got good experience.”

Mike said Vicki got very friendly after he bought a round of tequila shots for the group. “She ended up giving me a thank you kiss. It was a full on nice thank you.”

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The 25-year-old college student said he while kissing Vicki he tried to take it to the next level. “I got a bit of a feel, she’s got a nice body, nice boobs,” he told RadarOnline.com and then added: “I think they’re fake.”

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Fans of the show were touched when Vicki and her husband Donn renewed their vows in 2009, however, he was nowhere to be seen when she was at the bar. Mike asked Vicki where her husband was and “she gave the ‘he’s not here’ type of non-aggressive answer.”

Vicki and her friends spent almost four hours in the bar, but didn’t take Mike up on his suggestions to continue their night together. “I asked her to maybe meet up and be alone, but she said no.”

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And you don’t just have to take his word for what happened. Star magazine obtained the photo that leaves no doubt! And the current issue of Star has even more details about Vicki’s wild night.

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