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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ex-Bachelor Matt Grant’s Advice To Guys About Appearing On The Bachelorette “Don’t Do It!”

Matt Grant has some sage advise for any guys that are thinking about  becoming contestants on the upcoming season of the ABC hit show The Bachelorette, “Don’t do it!”

In an exclusive interview with the hunky Brit, who stared in the season 12 Bachelor: London Calling, spills on why he thinks you’d have to be crazy to want to be a contestant on a reality TV show, what he thinks of Ali Fedotowsky as the new Bachelorette and offers up some unusual and unique ideas for how producers could make this season top last season’s Bachelor, which reigned supreme when it came to controversy and scandal.

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Matt says in his opinion it’s different to appear on the franchise as a contestant rather than the main star. He explains, “Why go on a show where you’ve got only a limited chance of winning and you’ve got a 90-odd percent chance of being rejected publicly by a woman? Unless they were paying me like 100k to do so, I would never do it.”

Matt says as the star it’s different as you don’t have to compete and face rejection, you have woman fighting for you – every guy’s dream, right?

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Matt says that he thinks that producers have made a good choice when it comes to casting the next season. “The Bachelorette with Ali is going to be cool, she seems very down to earth, very bubbly, seems to be a very nice character. II think she’s going to be very successful.”

But when it comes to creating the levels of  controversy and scandal the last season managed, Matt thinks that the producers are going to struggle. However he offers up a somewhat unconventional suggestion to the producers on how to bring a fresh twist to the show – one that would certainly get America talking!

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“I don’t know what unique spin they’re going to put on it to make it successful,” Matt says. “They’re going to have to do something to make it really stand out. Maybe have some transsexuals in there, so it’s  like the Bachelorette, and it’s like, maybe just litter a few transsexuals in there. I don’t know what they’re going to do. Or maybe, maybe some robots.”

Hmmmm…we’ll get back to you on that one Matt!

Finally, Matt shares on life post Bachelor and how he’s holding out now that the glare of the spotlight has faded.

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Matt says that he’s “loving LA” and that he’s keeping busy. Matt’s working on developing two shows, has some hosting gigs in the pipeline and is doing a lot of work for various charities, including The Red Cross Santa Monica Chapter, New Life Labs – a diabetes charity that’s very close to his heart as his own grandmother suffered from the disease and The Humane Society. But Matt confesses that he’s always up for new work and is more than willing to lend his name and time to, “Anyone else that will pay me any money!”


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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ex-Bachelor Matt Grant On Jake And Vienna, “I Really Can’t See It Lasting”

Season 14 of the hit ABC show The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love has been the most exciting, scandal-ridden, controversial one to date. People were aghast at hunky pilot Jake Pavelka’s final choice of “bad girl” Vienna Girardi, and stories of infidelity are already swirling, so the question is: will it last?

EXCLUSIVE: I have Proof Jake Cheated With Me, Says Ex

Well, if anyone has an idea of their chances it has to be one of the past Bachelors. caught up with ex-Bachelor Matt Grant, the hunky British star of season 12, The Bachelor: London Calling, and in an exclusive interview Matt dishes on what he thought of the past season and what chances he gives the newly engaged couple of actually making it down the aisle in the future.

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Matt shares that he thinks the past season was one of the best, with the hottest selection of women to date, scandal and controversy to fuel the fires and, the icing on the cake – a great surprise finale.

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Matt says that if Jake has made the wrong choice he can understand only too well how easy it is to do. Explaining that everything happens so quickly on the show it’s very easy to get wrapped up in the moment and make a mistake. Matt admits that he realized he had made a mistake just two weeks after getting down on one knee and proposing to his lady of choice, Shayne Lamas.

PHOTOS: Vienna’s Graduation

Matt’s advice to Jake? “If you realize you’ve ballsed up and made the wrong decision just come straight out and admit it,” he says.

Knowing only too well what it’s like to get caught up in the make believe world of reality TV, Matt predicts that, “Jake’s not going to know for another couple of months if he has made the right decision.”

EXCLUSIVE: Vienna’s Sister Says Cheating Charge Against Jake “Is A Complete Lie”

Matt points out that the two have a lot working against them with stories of their pasts coming back to haunt them and exes crawling out of the woodwork, predicting, “I really can’t see it lasting.”

EXCLUSIVE: Vienna Already Making Wedding Plans

Matt goes on to explain that although the series is filmed over a period of weeks the actual amount of time that Jake and Vienna have spent together, and the opportunities they have had to really get to know each other, has been limited. “You have to understand that Jake and Vienna have probably spent less than 48 hours together. He’s proposed to a woman he’s known less than 48 hours. So statistically we know we have some serious problems here.”

VIDEO: Vienna Defends Bad Girl Rep To Jimmy Kimmel

As the dust settles for Jake and Vienna and they come off of the high of the last few fairy tale weeks, they now start the process of getting to know each other in the harsh light of reality. But Matt fears, going by his experience of finding love on reality TV, that there’s not too much hope. “I think Jake will know in his heart about now if there’s any chance for them. Good luck to them but I don’t fancy their chances.”

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