EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Sex Sells! Jesse James Mistress #2 Hires A Manager

Melissa Smith, the second alleged mistress of Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James, is cashing in on her infamy, and RadarOnline.com has audio proof.

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In an undeniable sign that Smith is not done exploiting her two-year affair with James, her voicemail reveals that the stripper now has a manager and leaves instructions for anyone who wants to hire her!

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“Hi, you have reached the voicemail of Melissa Smith. If this is a friend or a family member, please go ahead and leave a message,” the message said. “ Anyone else, regarding my story and the media, please get a hold of my manager Amanda (we bleeped last name) at area code 920.238.(we bleeped last four numbers) Thanks so much.”

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Clearly not burying her head in the sand, Smith seems to be ensuring that she gets the most out of her fifteen minutes of fame.

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On Monday afternoon, she was even spotted purchasing a home pregnancy test. Smith claims she had a two-year relationship with James that ended in March 2009. While Smith, a stripper, has yet to divulge all of the details regarding her sexual relationship with James, any baby on the way will surely lead to more headline-making fireworks! And RadarOnline.com was first to reveal that Smith and James are still in touch.

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