EXCLUSIVE: NYPD On Naomi Campbell Attack – “We Have No Intention Of Talking To Her”

Despite newspaper reports that police in New York are looking for supermodel Naomi Campbell for allegedly attacking a limo driver, a spokesperson for the NYPD tells RadarOnline.com, as far as it’s concerned, the case is closed.

“There were no arrests in the Campbell matter, and we have no intention of talking to her,” the spokesperson exclusively told RadarOnline.com on Wednesday.

REPORT: NYPD Looking For Naomi Campbell; Driver Not Pressing Charges

The latest controversy  surrounding Campbell surfaced Tuesday after a driver for the 39-year-old beauty told police she slapped and slugged him as he drove her through Manhattan.

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The driver, 27-year-old Miodrag Mejdina of Queens, sought emergency medical service at the 17th Precinct station house, as he suffered bruising and a swollen eye after Campbell’s attack. He did not press charges Tuesday, according to police, who issued a harassment report in connection with the incident.

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Campbell was last seen exiting the black Cadillac Escalade the incident allegedly took place in, and darting through mid-town Manhattan clad in a black designer coat, police said.

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The catwalk icon has a long history of raising her hands to others, particularly employees, as she pleaded guilty in 2000 to an assault charge for beating her assistant around the head with her phone. She was sentenced to a week of community service in 2007, after pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault for throwing a cell phone at her maid (who couldn’t find Campbell’s jeans).

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She received another 200 hours of community service and a $4,500 fine in June 2008 following an incident at Heathrow Airport, where she cursed, kicked and spat at police over a missing piece of luggage. Her sentence: sweeping floors and scrubbing toilets in a Manhattan garbage-truck garage.

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