EXCLUSIVE: Kathy Griffin: “I Want To Push Sarah Palin Down The Stairs”

Kathy Griffin is not known for holding back her feelings –and when it comes to Sarah Palin she’s expressing herself even more vociferously. And this time she has pseudo-family member Levi Johnston as a comedic foil.

The red-haired comic recently took her standup show to Anchorage, Alaska, where she had Levi escort her on stage. As RadarOnline.com reported, Johnston, 19, also got to shoot an episode of Kathy’s reality show, My Life on the D List.

Kathy Griffin Takes On Kate Gosselin

And while Kathy took plenty of shots at the Alaska governor on her stage show, she really let her have it while shooting ‘D List’ with Bristol Palin’s baby daddy.

“We shot a scene where I show her [Kathy] Levi’s Playgirl magazine and she reacts to it,” a Playgirl rep, who came along for the trip, told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “Then we went to a gay bar called Mad Myrnas. I asked Kathy what star she’d like to see take a ‘celebrity spill’ and she said ‘I’d like to push Sarah Palin down the stairs.’”

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Griffin, who has called Palin, ‘the gift that keeps on giving,’ has taken Johnston under her wing, taking him as her date to red carpet events and proclaiming that the two are dating to the press.

All the attention will hopefully have a financial gain…A judge just ordered Levi to pay an extra $3500 in back child support to Palin’s daughter Bristol.

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