EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James Texted Mistress Number 2 Wednesday! Read What He Said

Sandra Bullock‘s husband, Jesse James‘ mistress number 2, Melissa Smith, alleges that she had a 2-year relationship with the chop shop owner. Now, RadarOnline.com can reveal that although the relationship ended in 2008, Jesse has kept in contact with the 35-year-old stripper, even going so far as to send her a text message just yesterday!

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A source that was shown the message by Smith tells RadarOnline.com exclusively, “Jesse sent Melissa a message yesterday and she showed it to me. It said “I’m angry at you and disappointed you’d do this”.

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“Melissa said that he was obviously referring to the fact that she has talked about their affair, even going so far as to share his text messages with the world – that was the funny thing about him texting her when she had already done that – you’d think he would of learned his lesson!

“Melissa is pretty p***ed about the way Jesse treated her, she thinks he just used her for sex then when he got bored he threw her aside and moved on, so she thinks he’s really got some nerve texting that HE’S disappointed in HER.”

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Smith claims her relationship with James began in 2006, while he was already married to Bullock. As RadarOnline.com previously reported, James approached Smith on her MySpace page which eventually led to Smith taking a trip to his West Coast Choppers office where she says they “ended up having sex on his couch, and he didn’t use a condom.” They would meet for trysts in his office every couple of months before ending it in March 2009 when James’ affections cooled. Smith explained: “We stopped hanging out because his attention was on the next woman.”

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