EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James’ New Mistress Is A “Partier”

Jesse James is quickly following in the footsteps of another familiar ladies man, Tiger Woods. James’ mistress number two was revealed Wednesday as 35-year-old Melissa Smith and RadarOnline.com has new info on the latest stripper who tempted Sandra Bullock‘s husband.

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EXCLUSIVE: Alleged Mistress Told Ex-Husband About Jesse James Affair

“She’s gone a lot at night,” a neighbor of Smith’s told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “Sometimes I’ll be up at two or three in the morning and I’ll hear her music blasting. You could say she’s a partier.”

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James’ first alleged mistress, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, has already been labeled as a tattooed white supremacist who has a fetish for everything Hitler and it seems his second alleged mistress is a partier with a revolving door of men in and out of her life.

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Jesse James Mistress Loves Hitler

“She lived with one guy late last year and he was around for about four months,” the neighbor told RadarOnline.com Wednesday afternoon. “She’s had different guys in and out of there ever since.”

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Smith claims she had a two-year relationship with James beginning in 2006, while he was already married to Bullock. According to Star magazine, James approached Smith on her MySpace page which eventually led to Smith taking a trip to his West Coast Choppers office where she says they “ended up having sex on his couch, and he didn’t use a condom.” They would meet for trysts in his office every couple of months before ending it in March 2009 when James’ affections cooled. Smith explained: “We stopped hanging out because his attention was on the next woman.”

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Woods racked up double digits with his number of tawdry affairs. Will James have a similar fate?

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