EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James’ Mistress Has Swastika Tattoo

The dirty laundry on Michelle “Bombshell” McGee just keeps piling up. RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that McGee has a tattoo of an iron eagle and swastika strategically placed on an intimate section of her body.

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“She has a large iron eagle tattooed just above her private area,” a source who has seen it told RadarOnline.com. “Below the eagle’s claws is a bright red swastika, just like how you see in those Nazi symbols.”

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McGee has already been labeled as a white supremacist after photos surfaced of her posing in a Nazi swastika armband and wearing the “Death’s Head” hat of the Third Reich’s SS. She also listed Hitler’s political manifesto “Mein Kampf” as one of her favorite books on her Facebook page and has “WP” tattooed on the back of her thighs which is highly speculated to stand for “white power.”

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“It’s below the snake and she keeps it covered with her bikini bottom,” the source said of McGee’s tattoo. “She got it sometime within the last year.”

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