EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James Mistress #2 Afraid To Return Home

Sandra Bullock remains in hiding as does Jesse James’ other, other woman – Melissa Smith. When RadarOnline.com paid a visit to Melissa’s Orange Country apartment Sunday there was no sign of the tatooed stripper who claims to be another one of Jesse’s girls.

In fact, RadarOnline.com learned from a close friend of the blonde bikini model that Melissa has left her condo and is considering moving. “She is afraid to come back here right now. People are hounding her day and night. I’m sure when I go inside there will be dozens of notes stuffed under the door, and trust me some of them are awful”

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The friend — who identified herself simply as Melissa’s friend, Samara — and said her pal is extremely upset. “She never planned on coming forward, but then when she heard how much money the other woman got and she started thinking about how horrible Jesse made her feel when he just dropped her just like that, well, she started thinking about it. And then they approached her and she decided it was worth it to her. She has debts to pay off and it’s not like Jesse would help her with anything even though they were f**king for two years.”

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Samara, who told RadarOnline.com she was doing her friend a favor and “watering plants and stuff” defended her friend saying “all the haters can go f**k themselves. They don’t know her and they don’t know a thing about what she is really like. They are judging her ’cause she has tats and likes Harleys and s**t. People have been saying the meanest s**t about her on the internet and it is totally unfair. He’s the a**-hole, not Melissa. I swear she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

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“I have a young daughter and Melissa is always offering to help me out with her. We used to dance together, and when I first got pregnant she organized a huge baby shower for me, got all the girls at the club and the customers to pitch in. I swear, she is such a nice girl.

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