EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Octo-Mom May Sue Former Owner Of Her House, Says Mom

In a new development in the Octo-mom saga, Nadya Suleman is considering suing the former owner of her house, Nadya’s mom Angela Suleman told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

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On Friday afternoon, Angela revealed that Nadya is thinking of suing former owner Amer Haddadin, because he allegedly didn’t disclose massive repairs that she needed to make on the house.  

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“There was a leak from the 2nd floor bathroom to the kitchen,” Angela says. And, the roof had to repaired as well. Suleman, however, would not reveal how much was spent on repairs.

Nadya–along with her octuplets and her six other children–lives in La Habra. Nadya’s father bought the home with his credit, so she could lease it from him. But, the seller Amer Haddadin says the balloon payment on the $450,000 loan was up on March 10 and he is now threatening to foreclose on the property.

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Angela Suleman says “he’s ridiculous.” Octo-mom’s mom admits that Nadya owes money, but says “it’s not quite that bad. This man who she bought the house from wants to be in the media.” 

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Angela says her daughter has not been served with any foreclosure papers, “they’ve (her daughter and ex-husband) been paying all along.” And Angela says “I don’t think she’s going to lose it.” 

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In the end, Angela expects America’s most famous mom to come out on top. “I’m not worried, she’ll figure something out. She always does,” she says.

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