EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Attorney Says He’s Confident Octo-Mom Will Keep Her Home

The clock is ticking toward a Tuesday deadline for Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman to pay up or face foreclosure, but RadarOnline.com has learned Suleman’s attorney has a strategy to help her keep her house.

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“I don’t think she will be evicted,” Nadya’s attorney Jeff Czech told RadarOnline.com on Monday.

As RadarOnline.com first reported Friday, the Sulemans believe the former owner Amer Haddadin failed to disclose a water leak problem and a roofing problem before the sale. Czech says “her father has some issues with non-disclosure with the seller.”

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And Czech says that could cause “some litigation.”

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Nadya’s father, Ed Suleman, bought the home for America’s most famous mom and is now leasing it to her. But Haddadin claims the Sulemans have not made good on a $450,000 loan and has given them until end of business Tuesday to pay up for face foreclosure.

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Czech says he’s confident they will be able to refinance the balloon payment. And, he says, worse case scenario—a foreclosure could take at least 3 months. “It’s not a speedy process.”

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Nadya lives in the La Habra home, outside of Los Angeles, with her 14 children, including the famous octuplets.

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