EXCLUSIVE: Hair Gel, Ab Training and Bronzer: Jersey Shore Cast Readies For New Season

You can take the kids out of Jersey but you can’t take Jersey out of the kids. RadarOnline.com has the newest details on how the cast of MTV’s The Jersey Shore is preparing for season two.

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Not surprisingly, the boys have been hard at work maintaining their fine physiques.

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Vinny has been hitting the gym everyday because he wants to be in great shape for the second season,” a source told RadarOnline.com. Likewise, Mike has been “working hard to keep ‘The Situation’ a situation.” The cast is expected to officially begin shooting next week.

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As for DJ Pauly D, his agent Sal Bonventura says he is “in the best shape of his life” thanks to “hitting the gym” and “doing a lot of GTL (gym, tanning, laundry).” Besides his body, Pauly’s hair will also be top form.

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“A company sent two cases of hair gel, it just arrived this week, and of course companies are sending clothes and hair products all the time to help them prepare for the second season.”

On the ladies side, Snooki has been getting ready “shopping for the necessities” according to her Twitter page. So what are Snooki-certified necessities? “Meaning bronzer and hair clips!” she wrote.

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