EXCLUSIVE: Christie Brinkley’s Ex Husband Rips Her For Selling Her Wedding Outfit

Supermodel Christie Brinkley is getting rid of the white Armani skirt suit she wore when she married Peter Cook, husband Number 4. Brinkley is donating the outfit to an auction that will benefit the Red Cross.

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Her act of charity, however, did not impress Cook, who was married to Brinkley for 12 years, beginning in 1996.

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In an exclusive statement to RadarOnline.com, Cook wondered who would want such a wedding outfit belonging to someone with Christie’s marital track record.

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“Why would anyone want to buy a wedding dress from someone who has failed at marriage four times?” Cook told RadarOnline.com, with more than a hint of sarcasm. ‘That would be like choosing the 1976 winless tampa bay bucaneeers as your ultimate fantasy football team.

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‘That would be like taking investment tips from Bernie Madoff!

“I suggest that anyone who buys that dress and wants to have a happy marriage, burn it immediately!”

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