EXCLUSIVE: American Idol Star Crystal Bowersox’s Baby Daddy Revealed

American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox emerged early as one of the favorites to go all the way and win the show, but much about the dreadlocked hippie style singer remains a mystery. Well, RadarOnline.com can answer one burning question, who the father of her baby boy is.

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“The father of Crystal’s son is a guy named Tony. They had a great relationship and he was a total gentleman with her,” a source close to Crystal told RadarOnline.com. “Unfortunately he had to move back to Bosnia because he had another child with a woman in Romania who couldn’t afford to take care of the kid anymore so he moved back to support his child.”

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Mystery solved! (Sure, it would be great to have his last name—but we just gave you more information than anyone else has!) And in an ironic twist of fate, RadarOnline.com has learned that Crystal’s current boyfriend is also named Tony. The source says, “She hooked up with him a couple months before she started on American Idol. He’s a really nice guy.” Crystal must have an affinity for Tonys; her baby daddy is Tony, her sons name is Tony and her boyfriend’s name is Tony!

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