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Dolphin Pose or Downward Dog? Yoga Mat With All The Answers

Ever get stuck in an awkward postion in Yoga class  and can’t remember if you’re doing the Cow Face (I swear I didn’t make that up!) or how to do the Heron Pose?

Here’s a yoga mat with the solution — 28 popular yoga poses printed right on the mat.  This Trainer Fitness Mat is a brightly-colored two-tone mat (green with pink highlights and a pink underside) is 100% recyclable, long-lasting and durable.  Its washable, non-slip surface is also bacteria resistant.

VitaForce : Healthy choice For Your Body And Wallet

We also like the clever carrying case which is VENTILATED ! Smart.

If your mat doesn’t provide ALL the help you need, check out the instructional videos out on the G2 site.

$29.95. And good luck with that Triangle Pose.

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