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VIDEO: Before They Were Famous: 13-Year-Old Ke$ha Performs In Talent Show

All the world’s greatest performers have to start out somewhere – and usually before they have honed their image and perfected their style they are just like all the rest of us regular folk. Example in point? Singer Ke$ha!

Ke$ha Wants To Kiss Susan Boyle!

RadarOnline.com have uncovered vintage footage of a 13-year-old Ke$ha giving an early performance at a talent show held at a school gymnasium.

Looking like a regular, kind of awkward teenager, Ke$ha doesn’t show much of the talent that has helped sky rocket her to be one of today’s most promising young performers.

Who Is Ke$ha

Dressed in regular jeans and T-shirt and with her long mousy brown hair falling by her shoulders, Ke$ha is almost unrecognizable as the blonde bombshell that likes to dress in sexy, provocative outfits that she is today.

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Giving a pretty forgettable rendition of Radiohead’s Karma Police, it seems unlikely that Ke$ha would of scored a position in American Idol’s top 24 finalists, let alone go on to make digital sales history with her smash hit Tik Tok.

How times have changed – and how she’s grown up!