VIDEO: Snooki Flips Out In A Bikini

Everybody’s favorite pint-sized Jersey Shore star, Snooki, is a girl of many talents!

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Showcasing her flexibility and gymnastic skills – as well as her bikini body – Snooki posted video on her You Tube channel of her performing two cartwheels in a row.

Snooki needs to work on her finish a little more though before hoping for a perfect ten score, as she merely collapses to the ground at the end!

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In true form though, never one to underestimate her charms or play down her abilities, Snooki declares at the end, “I’m a f***ing champ!”

VIDEO: Snooki Wipes Out

Dressed in a teeny little blue bikini, dark shades and a baseball cap, which she loses mid-cartwheel, Snooks looks surprisingly fit and well toned as she plays around in the back yard.

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