VIDEO: Ricky Schroder Keeps Up With The Kardashians

Actor Ricky Schroder of Silver Spoons fame appeared on Good Day LA Tuesday morning to promote his new flick, Blood Done Sign My Name, but ended up giving some great publicity to The Kardashians while he was at it.

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“It’s so funny seeing Bruce Jenner. He was on Silver Spoons in 1982,” Ricky said.  “He was a nice guy.  I love that show, [Keeping Up With] The Kardashians.  I watch it all the time!”

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Ricky is living with his wife, Andrea Bernard, and four children in Spain right now and said he desperately misses Malibu. “I moved there six months ago,” he said of living overseas.  “We have Apple TV and we get The Kardashians. I watched like five episodes in a night before, like a marathon!”

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Spain does have its perks though:  “When we went there in August, we were sitting there as a family enjoying the ocean and all of a sudden, tops are optional on the beach, and all of a sudden two young ladies start playing paddle ball right in front of us,” Ricky gushed.  “They happen to be Russian models.  They were that beautiful!”

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