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VIDEO: Watch Mel Gibson Change A Diaper On Screaming Baby

Mel Gibson became an Octo-Dad recently when his girlfriend gave birth, but all that experience hasn’t made Mel a superstar at changing diapers – and you can watch the video that proves it.

The Braveheart star was up to the challenge when a Los Angeles radio host convinced him to change a dirty diaper during a live show.

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Mel’s girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva gave birth to their daughter Lucia recently and Mel told famous Latino radio host Piolin that Oksana “is a great mother. She does all of the lion’s share (of work).”

Faced with the task of changing a dirty diaper on live radio Mel said: “If he starts crying it means I’m a bad guy.” Looks like he’s a bad guy.

Gibson proceeded to roughly remove the little boy’s pants, flopping his legs around, as he lay on the desk wailing and screaming.

EXCLUSIVE: Mel Gibson’s Girlfriend Gives Birth

Gibson whipped off the dirty diaper and without taking time to wipe clean or apply any powder quickly put a new one on. Clearly relieved to have the deed over with, Gibson quipped, “I’m glad he didn’t do number twos on me!”

EXCLUSIVE: Mel Gibson’s Girlfriend Gives Birth

Well he may have changed the dirty diaper in record time, taking less than a minute, but it seems that when it comes to tender loving care, Gibson is left a little lacking!