VIDEO: Jersey Shore’s Vinnie Pokes Fun At Kim Kardashian

It seems that when the cast of Jersey Shore are together the fun doesn’t end just because the MTV cameras have stopped rolling.

In a behind the scenes video shot in a hotel room in New York, Snooki can be seen chilling with her boys, Pauly D, Vinny and Mike “The Situation”, shooting the breeze, competing over their number of Facebook friends and ribbing each other as well as other celebrities!

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Pauly D kicks off with a rant about a girl that hit him up him on Facebook claiming he used to be just “an average Joe”, something Pauly D hotly disputes – asking, “When did I used to be an average Joe? I’ve been Pauly D my whole life!”

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Meanwhile, Vinny claims he’s the “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island” pointing at his butt and demanding, “look at this fat a**!”

Pauly D and Snooki enter into some fun banter about who has the most Facebook friend requests pending – Snooki wins, with 8,000 compared to Pauly D’s meager 7,782!

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Vinny accuses Pauly D’s behavior as, “Ego at it’s worse right right.” While claiming, “Vinny G stays humble!”

The threesome then go on to rib Mike “The Situation”, asking who he is, and asking, “Have you guys heard of him?”

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The Situation gets the last laugh though, turning his cast mates green with envy when he claims he’s staying longer in New York as he’s “going to be on Letterman“.

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