VIDEO: Game Show Preview, Octo-Mom’s Valentines’ Dating Game

After exclusively reported that Octo-Mom and the Game Show Network were in secret talks about partnering on a Dating Game show, Jimmy Kimmel opted to give us a preview of what it could look like.

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To coincide with Valentine’s Day, Kimmel introduced three bachelors who had to answer a series of questions from Octo-Mum, including whether they considered themselves “fertile as a turtle” or “limp as a chimp”.

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One bachelor was even asked to make up a poem about the mother of 14’s lucious lips.

“You’ve got luciious lips, I am sure you have beautfiul hips, someday maybe we will hang out and get in the water and take a few dips,” the contestant, Yogi, offered.

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Who did she choose? Watch the video.

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