VIDEO: Aspiring Idol Amazes Simon With Story of His Kidnapping

Mark Labriola was the standout hopeful on Tuesday’s American Idol episode, as the eccentric singer kept his own in a fast dialogue with Simon Cowell, before impressing the panel of judges with a rousing rendition of Squeeze’s 1981 hit, Tempted.

Labriola began his audition telling the panel random fun facts about himself (he likes cheese, he looks like Jack Black) before launching into his amazing background: his mother kidnapped him from his father when he was 4-years-old, and they lived on the run for six years until his dad got him back at the age of 10.

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The 28-year-old Aurora, Colorado native then belted out a smashing few bars of Tempted, impressing the judges (including an irritated guest judge Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham) and earning a berth onto the next round.

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In the post-audition interview, a teary Labriola, holding his son, said: “I thought my time was over — I’m 28, I have a kid, and I just thought … my dream is done … but that’s not the case!”

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