Tila Tequila Unveils Album Cover & Song Sample

Tila Tequila unveiled the cover of her upcoming album, Welcome To The Darkside, and a small sample of one of its tracks, Blue Dress.

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The reality TV star said that she is using music to get out her message. The moody single is a remake of the Depeche Mode original but Tequila says the other songs on the album are original tracks she wrote.

“I wanted to let people know that there is a deeper, sensitive, and emotional side to me,” she wrote. “A very bittersweet side to me. For the first time I share with the world how I really feel and that I’m not what the media has portrayed me to be.

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“This is my favorite work so far because Its very emotional and shows my vulnerability, to which I HARDLY share with the public!” she wrote.

Tequila has dedicated the album to fiance Casey Johnson‘s memory. It hits iTunes April 20.

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She promises to also head out on tour with a live orchestra. She added: “Imagine Jessica Rabbit style and the 40’s era. Frank Sinatra, Billy Holiday, and Nina Simone.”

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