Tila Tequila: “Twitter Was F***ing BORING Without Me Huh?”

She’s baaaack!!!

Tila Tequila launched her all-new Twitter page early Thursday, jumping headfirst back into the world of micro-blogging her random thoughts for all of cyberspace to enjoy.

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The reality TV star abruptly cancelled her original account on Tuesday, after becoming one of the most vocal presences on the popular Web site, saying her  time “on Twitter has run it’s course!” before deleting the page.

She seemed to have a change of heart by Thursday, Tweeting: “Damn Twitter was f***ing BORING without me huh? I would be bored as hell if I were U and I wasn’t on twitter anymore! hahhaha jk xox.”

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She then Tweeted: “Did ya;ll miss me?? I see all the OG’s here! YAY! No more filthy haters and Media peeps following! Secret page! xox

“So many famew****s on my tail & would do ANYTHING to get fame by name dropping me!” she Tweeted. “LOSERS!”

Tila Tequila Deletes Twitter Page

Tila, who says she’s pregnant, made headlines earlier this year when her fiancée, Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, was found dead at 30. In the weeks following Johnson’s death, Tequila would often spend the entire night Tweeting non-stop about her lost love.

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