Tila Tequila Deletes Twitter Page

Tila Tequila has gone the way of Miley Cyrus and deleted her Twitter page on Monday morning.  Despite having shot to fame as an internet and social media phenomenon, Tequila has shut down her account in response to the constant stream of negative comments directed at her by some of her Twitter followers.

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While she has made the promise before, it seems nasty comments about a photo of what she bought her three-year old nephew (such as “nobody gives a s–t what you bought for your nephew or how high-end it is or what it will be worth someday”) pushed her to action.

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“Look at the hater comments being left on this pic! HOW SAD THAT PEOPLE TALK S–T ABOUT A 3 YEAR OLD KID,” Tequila wrote in the early morning hours of Monday. “Twitter, by FAR as THE MOST HATEFUL, DEVIL WORSHIPPERS, RACIST, AND VIOLENT COMMUNITY THAT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! TWITTER IS BAD.”

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“My true fans know where to find me,” she wrote shortly before deleting her account Monday morning.

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