Petproject: Fun Pet Toys That last!

We’ve all had the experience of buying squeaky toys for our pups and within minutes they are strewn on the floor and you’re left hoping Fido didn’t swallow the squeaker.

Our three rescue doxies are unofficial pet testers and can usually gleefully tear any toy to bits in record time. But not the fun Petproject “Chewbies” or the “Doglog” (their favorite) with is made of thick, durable plastic and has a tail attached! It’s the next best thing to a squirrel. ( Chewbies and Doglog cost $12)

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Petproject also has a “Dogbol” we like, which comes with a matching “Dogmat.” Resistant to straining or odors, the transparent bowls are dishwasher safe and can hold up to 4 bowls of food or water. ($18)

The line was started by some resourceful pet owners, who sell everything online. (Jason, the CEO, is the owner of the handsome Rottweiler
on the site)

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