Monster Who Kidnapped Jaycee Dugard Wants Video & Photos Of Her And Kids

In shocking court papers released Thursday it was revealed that Phillip Garrido, Jaycee Lee Dugard’s alleged kidnapper, has requested that he be told the whereabouts of Jaycee’s secret location that she is living at, as well as be granted visitation rights along with photos and video of Jaycee and her two children, that Garrido fathered with her during the time she was held captive by him for 18 years.

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The court documents state that Garrido’s defense team justify the request by claiming, “The children were raised as the children of Nancy and Phillip Garrido and all five held themselves out to be a family.”

Furthermore the defense asserts, “They took vacations…went to the library..ran a family business…children were home schooled..kept pets and had a garden…took care of an ailing family member…[and] had special names for each other.”

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But as Dugard’s attorney points out in the papers, “The Defense utterly fails to recognize that [Jaycee] and her children were not their ‘family’ but were in fact captives – they were victims. The unfortunate reality is that [Jaycee] and her children may not have fully realized they were captives and victims because the Defendants controlled their reality. They created a false world – including the false name “Alyssa” for [Jaycee]. The Defendants created this world and a well rehearsed plan to keep [Jaycee’s] existence secret. They created this world in order to control [Jaycee]. The Defendants are still attempting to exert that control.”

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Unbelievably, on January 28th Garrido’s attorney sent a letter to Jaycee which stated, “Mr. Garrido has asked me to convey that he does not harbor any ill will toward [Jaycee] or the children and loves them very much.”

Jaycee’s attorneys filed for an immediate protective order prohibiting either of the Garridos to contact Jaycee or her children, stating they believe such an order is necessary “to protect [Jaycee] and her children from further acts of harassment.” Going on to say, “Defendant Phillip Garrido has attempted to manipulate his victims and the justice system for far too long. It is time to put an end to Defendant Garrido’s manipulative and controlling actions once and for all.”

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