Lost: Michael Emerson Dishes On Past, Future As Series Winds Down

Michael Emerson, who plays Benjamin Linus on ABC’s hit show Lost, dished on the show and his own career path in a new interview with Fancast.com as his time on the island winds to a close.

Emerson said he has a wealth of great of memories in filming scenes for the ABC hit, from the dramatic to the humorous to the absurd.

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“My favorite light-hearted scene [to film was] cooking dinner for Juliet,” he told Fancast.com. “It was so much fun, so out of character and so absurdly domestic of Benjamin. And in my entire life as an actor I will never forget shooting the scene where John Locke is trying to hang himself, I talk him out of it, and then I strangle him. Unbelievable.”

Emerson told the Web site he won’t miss the “guns, explosions, and horseback riding” when filming wraps.

Emerson said that after Lost, he thinks “it would be nice to take a little break from the routine of television and mix it up for a little while.

“Maybe I could finagle my way into a little part in a movie, or do a play back in New York,” he said. “I sure hope I get a change of pace — I’d like to do something funny.”

One place he has a foot in the door: HBO hit True Blood, the show on which his wife, Carrie Preston, is a regular on.

“I am known to some people over there, yes — [but] when are they going to call me up and put me to work, I do not know,” he said.

We’re sure this Lost star will find his way, no pun intended.

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Lost airs on ABC Tuesdays at 9/8c.

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