Kids Need Help With Math? Look To Rubik!

Don’t think Rubik’s Cube is just a toy: the iconic device is being put to good use with the Rubik’s Resolution, a program that uses the cube as a learning tool to help kids absorb algebra, geometry and determination.

The Rubik’s Resolution is a three-pronged program aimed at helping kids excel in said subjects, plus tips for their parents and teachers. The company calls it “a pledge to learn how to solve the cube, gaining critical thinking skills and a sense of triumph along the way. “

Said Cindy Caruso, citywide after school and summer camp coordinator at New York City’s Parks and Recreation Department: “The Rubik’s cube program has taught our students invaluable critical thinking skills and has boosted their confidence immeasurably — we look forward to our upcoming tournament.”

For more information on the Rubik’s resolution, and to learn how to bring the program to a local school or youth organization, check out

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