Jon Gosselin Owes Me $200,000, Says Hailey Glassman

Jon Gosselin owes ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman $200,000, she says in a new interview.

Hailey says she has the paperwork to prove Jon borrowed the money and if he doesn’t pay he’ll be facing another lawsuit. As was first to report, TLC recently settled its breach of contract lawsuit against Jon.

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Hailey Glassman recently sat down with and charged that Jon put a GPS tracking device on her cell phone and was so controlling he wouldn’t let her go out at times.

“I’ll give you two options,” Hailey said, addressing Jon. “You can pay me back civilly through our lawyers,or I can take you to court and the judge can give you a court order to pay me back and then you can spend more money on your lawyer.”

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Hailey was referring to TLC’s recent lawsuit against Jon, which cost the ex reality star a fortune.

About her relationship with Jon, Hailey summed it up by saying: “I felt like I was in crazyland.”

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Hailey noted that she is moving forward with her life and there is no chance of her and Jon getting back together saying, “I choose to be happy in life, not miserable.”

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