Jon Gosselin Is A Downhill Racer

Maybe he was inspired by the Olympics but Jon Gosselin went sledding with his kids outside their home in Wernersville, PA

PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin & His Kids Enjoy The Snow

This is the second weekend in a row Jon has been seen with his children at their home, has learned, and he made the most of it, even getting into a friendly snow ball fight.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Looking Great

Jon has time to spare these days. His TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8 is a thing of the past, and for the first time since his divorce he seems to be without a girlfriend.

TLC Settles Lawsuit Against Jon Gosselin

The most famous of those exes, Hailey Glassman — didn’t Jon call her the “love of my life?” — is even claiming Jon owes her $200,000 and says she’ll sue if he doesn’t pay up.

Jon Gosselin Owes Me $200,000 Says Hailey Glassman

We don’t think a snowball fight is going to settle that dispute.

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