Jersey Shore Kids Head To Hollywood

Watch out west coast USA – there’s a Jersey Shore invasion on it’s way!

PHOTOS: The Jersey Shore Kids Head To LA

All the Jersey Shore favorites, with the exception of J-WOWW, were spotted Tuesday at JFK airport in New York, on their way to board a plane to Los Angeles.

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And it seems that the cast that like to fly together like to sit together – Pauly D, The Situation, Vinny, Snooki, Ronnie and Sammi turned on their best east coast charm to talk the airline staff into reassigning their seats so they wouldn’t have to sit apart during the five hour flight.

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The kids are continuing their media onslaught, appearing live on The View Tuesday before flying to LA to tape a segment on the George Lopez show Wednesday.

VIDEO: Whoopi Meets Snooki – Jersey Shore Cast Shows Up On The View

Seems like America just can’t get enough of the Jersey Shore!

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