Jersey Shore J-WOWW’s Healthier Courtside Smoke

When you think of Jersey Shore’s J-WOWW healthy living isn’t one of the first things that springs to mind!

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But the fiery star seemed to be making something of a nod towards a healthier lifestyle at a recent Lakers game when she left her cigarettes at home and chose a SmokeStik electronic cigarette instead!

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J-WOWW was spotted courtside with her co-star Snooki, “puffing” on her SmokeStik, which reportedly, unlike cigarettes doesn’t contain any tobacco and is a safer alternative to smoking, keeping the body free of toxins and harmful cancer causing carcinogens.

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Maybe Jwoww is trying to quit her nicotine habit – let’s hope so – as we would like to see her stick around for quite some time!

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